What is this documentary about?

Unique to Southern Indiana is a High School String Orchestra program that has been thriving for more than thirty years despite challenges that arise from being located in the farming community of Jennings County. This documentary will follow Mr. Eric Jarboe, creator of the program/orchestra director, and students through out 2011/2012 school year. It will also explore the formation of the program and the present impact of the orchestra on the school and community. Current students will also be spotlighted, the camera getting a glimpse into how each student balances music with home, work and school.

In 2012 the orchestra participated in a music festival held in Washington DC. This trip was an exciting time but also one of high stress and drama as the students and film makers travelled by bus across three states to get there. For some, this was their first time out of state and for others it may be the only time they visit the nation's capitol.

The documentary will interview alumni of the program and discover not only where they are today but also how four years of music under the direction of Mr. Jarboe affected their lives. With the possibility of the program ending after it's founder and director, Mr. Jarboe, retires, alumni come together, through the help of this documentary, to convince people of it's significance and keep the program going long into the future.

If music education is important to you or if you support the making of inspirational/uplifting films, please contact the film makers to learn how you can get involved!

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