So, let's start with an easy question!

And we find out there's no such thing. Watch as we ask Eric the "easy question" of how many instruments he knows how to play. 


Behind the Scenes Tuesdays

Kelsy has been hard at work going through all the media from three years ago. As she goes, she'll be sharing material that moves her. Look for new videos every Tuesday at the Music Man Film YouTube Channel.

tumblr blog gets new look

During the initial filming of the documentary, JCHS school year 2011/12, our tumblr blog was used for updates from the production field. Today we're technically in post production and not even in North Vernon where the documentary is set which leads to very few updates to publish.

Tumblr remains a convinient blogging platform and during this period of production it will serve as a online journal for the filmmakers ponderings about the process.

If such ponderings are of interest to you, follow the tumblr blog here:


Sneak Peeks and Behind-the-Scenes!

We've started rollling out sneak peek and behind-the-scenes videos for the documentary. Subscribe to the YouTube page to stay up to date on all the future videos!

Here's our favorite so far:


Where Are We Now?

As 2013 comes to a close, we would like to update you on where we are in the documentary process.


Working through the nearly 200 hours of footage has been a slower process than we imagined. That said, it's been a rewarding one, especially once we start editing pieces together. The plan is still to wait until all footage has been viewed, logged and organized before the story is determined (besides the broader impacts-of-music-education story). During this process, however, small story pods have begun to take shape and soon we'd like to start unveiling some of those here on our website as well as on our YouTube channel


As mentioned above, the broad story or theme of our documentary is the impact of music education. We chose the Jennings County High School (JCHS) String Orchestra program as the vehicle of this story. All along, we planned on the documentary including stories of students and community members impacted by this music education program. While we still don't know which stories we'll focus on in the final piece, some of the events we filmed included concerts, class trip to Washington DC, fundraisers, student extracurricular outside orchestra, and performances in the community by the orchestra and individual students.

The founder and director of the music program, Eric Jarboe, as of 2013 has been teaching for 40 years. When we were filming in Indiana from 2011 to 2012, Eric had no plans of retirement. At the beginning of the 2013/2014 school year, Eric announced his plans for retirement and that this was going to be his last year teaching. This development creates new story possibilities for the documentary. 


We are excited about the new story developments for the documentary. While a story about an orchestra program in an unusual place is an interesting and inspirational one, we feel getting to include the outcome of that program once it's founder and director retires is an even better one! Throughout the coming months, we'll be filming once again in the school and community as this story unfolds. 


The end of the year has brought with it opportunities for Music Man presentations. The first was at the 2013 Jarboe Family Reunion. Kelsy presented video clips, including a version of the documentary teaser. She also talked about the filmmaking process, our journey thus far and next steps. The second presentation was at the recent JCHS Orchestra Fall Concert where we premiered the Music Man Teaser. We feel it was well received and were happy to show the town of North Vernon what we've been working on.