More Production!

Kelsy recently spent a week in North Vernon, Indiana filming more for the documentary. Can you believe that the seniors at JCHS this year were seventh graders when we started filming? 

The week of filming was rewarding but not without trials. You can read all about that here:

Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone

We are excited that making this documentary is ever evovling and bringing to light more and more stories. Thank you for your interest and for joining us on the journey!



Non-Traditional Concert for a Unique Music Program

The Jennings County High School String Orchestra is uniquely located in rural Southern Indiana. Nothing demonstrates this better than the annual Orchestra Stampede, a concert that combines food, games and musical entertainment. At the Orchestra Stampede, students perform for people of the community that will not attend the other traditional concerts held throughout the school year.

Music Man Film: Behind the Scenes Stampede Edition - YouTube:



So, let's start with an easy question!

And we find out there's no such thing. Watch as we ask Eric the "easy question" of how many instruments he knows how to play. 


Behind the Scenes Tuesdays

Kelsy has been hard at work going through all the media from three years ago. As she goes, she'll be sharing material that moves her. Look for new videos every Tuesday at the Music Man Film YouTube Channel.

tumblr blog gets new look

During the initial filming of the documentary, JCHS school year 2011/12, our tumblr blog was used for updates from the production field. Today we're technically in post production and not even in North Vernon where the documentary is set which leads to very few updates to publish.

Tumblr remains a convinient blogging platform and during this period of production it will serve as a online journal for the filmmakers ponderings about the process.

If such ponderings are of interest to you, follow the tumblr blog here: