Thanksgiving Trash Can Turkey

Eric Jarboe teaches Kelsy how to cook a Trash Can Turkey. While the turkey cooks, they discuss the fall concert under the migrating geese.

Shave and a hair-cut…two bits

Learn more about Eric Jarboe, the "Music Man," as he gets his hair cut and talks with friend and local hair dresser, Mary Ross, about first instruments, coming to North Vernon and retirement.

Behind the Scenes: Making of Kiwanis Haunted House

A Music Man exclusive behind the scenes look into Jennings County HS Orchestra students preparing for their 2011 Haunted House Fundraiser. The haunted house helped students raise money for their 2012 Washington DC performance tour.

Meet the students of the Jennings County High School Orchestra.

This featurette played at the Alumni Concert at Jennings County High School on February 25, 2012. This is our first time putting together footage we've shot this year. We're so glad to be telling the story of this orchestra and these students and can't wait to bring you more.

Watch the video we made for the JCHS Orchestra Alumni Concert.

This video opened the 2012 Jennings County High School Orchestra Alumni Concert. In it we meet some of the alumni of the orchestra program and hear how the orchestra has affected their lives. There's three shout outs from alumni from around the world (Oregon, New Hampshire, and Holland). The final thought from Mr. Jarboe was filmed at a fundraising concert held at the North Vernon Senior Center.

Music Man Documentary Pitch 2011

When we first had the idea of making a documentary about Eric Jarboe and the Jennings County Orchestra Program we wanted to make a video that would give people a clearer picture about the subject of our documentary. We traveled to Indiana in December 2010 and with a flip camera filmed Eric doing his thing. The below video, which was originally hosted on the main page of our website, is the result.

Footage of orchestra students in Music Man pitch reel from "Jennings County Orchestra: 25 Years: A Look Back" courtesy A Spinning Cello Production.