Kelsy Jarboe

Kelsy studied television and film at Vanguard University in Southern California.  After finishing, she moved to Los Angeles and has worked in reality television, independent narrative film, and comedy web series. Kelsy grew up in North Vernon, where the Music Man documentary is taking place, and is the eldest daughter of Eric Jarboe, who has been teaching music for over thirty years.

Since principal photography has finished Kelsy has been working in Los Angeles in scripted and unscripted content. She is currently on another hiatus, so is pushing forward on post production of the documentary.

Alburn Binkley

Alburn studied theater at Goshen College in Northern Indiana. He met Kelsy in Los Angeles, and the rest is history. Working along side Kelsy, the two soon discovered their passions were moving them in the same direction. Alburn and Kelsy got married in 2009 and have been working together in reality television ever since.

Since returning to Los Angeles, Alburn has continued to work with Kelsy in her unscripted projects. He's also had the chance to work on projects more closely aligned with documentary story telling.